Grouting is a precise, accurate and effective method of repair/construction for ground engineering. The many applications of grouting include ground stabilization and/or control, water containment, concrete rehabilitation and structural repair.

Regardless of your requirements, specific grouting designs can be uniquely engineered to meet your needs.

Our grouting service offerings include: 

Cementitous Grouting
Chemical Grouting
Structural Epoxy Injection
Curtain wall installation
Water Cut-off 
Geo-technical Services
Drilling and Anchor tie back installation



Shotcrete is a method of installing concrete at high velocity on a surface using compressed air. Shotcrete is a process that rapidly and effectively provides structural repair for existing concrete or for new construction.

The process works equally well for both overhead and vertical applications, and based on its extreme versatility also has the ability to be applied to a multitude of customized solutions. For example, it is an excellent method of earth stabilization both underground in mines or on the surface to construct temporary or permanent retaining walls.


There are a wide variety of structures that MAACKON Corporation has expertise in.

This makes us the firm of choice for repairs and restoration of:
Concrete Rail-beds 


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